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How Plasma Lighting Works?

The brilliance of LEP's architecture lies in its simplicity. By energizing a plasma arc without using filaments or electrodes, all failure modes and inefficiencies of traditional HID technology are eliminated, leaving behind an incredibly bright and stable source.



Step 1

An RF circuit is established by connecting an RF power amplifier to a ceramic resonator known as the “puck”. In the center of the puck is a sealed quartz lamp that contains metal halide materials and other gases.

Step 2

The puck, driven by the power amplifier, creates a standing wave confined within its walls. The electric field is strongest at the center of the lamp, which causes ionization of the gases, creating a glow.

Step 3

The ionized gas in turn heats up and evaporates the metal halide materials forming an intense plasma column within the lamp. This plasma column is centered within the quartz envelope and radiates light very efficiently.