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What is Plasma Lighting?

In view of traditional lighting inadequacies, Plasma light is an innovative solution designed to bring clean and natural lighting to a whole new level. This technology is a high intensity light source that offers bright, full-spectrum illumination in an energy saving and low maintenance package suitable to be used in large scale, high lumen applications, and is ideal for municipal, industrial, stadium, and street area lighting.

Difference of Plasma and LED

While Plasma Lighting is a category of solid state lighting, it is not an LED. The main difference being the use of the solid state device; Plasma Lighting uses the device to generate RF energy which powers the plasma light source - LED uses the device itself for light generation. Some of the similarities include the directionality of the light output, component reliability, and control systems integration. The main difference between the two Is performance - Plasma Lighting provides higher lumen density (200X greater), and a full color spectrum without phosphor conversion - resulting in superior performance in higher lumen applications.


Plasma Lighting Bulb