Green de Corp Limited

Green Lighting Solutions Provider

LED Facade Lighting System

An outstanding Canadian company GVA with vision to create new beauty for the home planet.

A leading innovator, designer and manufacturer of high-performance LED based lighting solutions for commercial, architectural and media facades .

• The proprietary technology was developed for architectural delineation of skyscrapers, bridges, long coves in airports and malls or for wall washing and grazing of long facades. The product was born out of the need for a product that was small in size, had brilliant optical control and could reach great lengths without life limiting restrictions. The decision was made to design the system around 18AWG conductors and limit the current to 10A, with a 380VDC system allowing for lighting circuits up to 3,800W fed from a single power source.

• The technology gives way for a family of lighting solutions that are amongst the smallest in competition for seamless architectural integration and fed from a sole power source for projects where multiple feeding points are not an option. The product family crosses boundaries of over 200+ meters and includes the STR9 INFINITY™ for high power long run linear lighting, HL™DL for modular LED delineation at 4000cd/m2 and HL™COVE for cove lighting at 1,500 lumens/metre. It represents a merging of sustainability, innovation and design excellence.

• GVA Lighting is proudly a participating member of Emerge Alliance which promotes commercializing DC voltage for offices and commercial use.