Green de Corp Limited

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Large Scale Daylighting System

(Up to 200M From Sun Collector To The Lighting Fixtures)

SUNPORTAL technology allows the best natural daylight to reach and illuminate any indoor environment, including deep plan building spaces that no other conventional daylighting systems can deliver. It actively captures and effectively transports maximum sunlight from a heliostat with a unique parabolic dish concentrator to a luminaire via a series of special optical relay lenses, providing the highest transmission rates over any long distances and in any directions. And because it also uses the latest IR-cut coating technology, there is no heat loss or gain associated with the transmitted daylight so the cost of heating or air-conditioning and its greenhouse impact is also reduced. The technology is the next generation of building integrated daylighting solutions delivering a whole new level of flexibility in residential and commercial environments, and can be used in single and multi-storey residential properties through to commercial, industrial, mining and hazardous environments.

How it works :

  1. The active sunlight Collector captures maximum sunlight and redirects it into the Ultra Sunlight concentrator by tracking the sun throughout the day and even on cloudy days.
  2. The highly concentrated sunlight then travels through a series of sunlight relay Lenses, over any distance and in any direction.
  3. The Ultra Sunlight Concentrator collects and focuses the reflected daylight into the small light pipe aperture.
  4. The best natural daylight reaches and illuminated evenly throughout the desired areas of your building by the Tube Diffuser.
  5. Creating a brighter, healthier and more pleasant indoor enviroment for everyone