Green de Corp Limited

Green Lighting Solutions Provider

Small Scale System

(Up to 20M from sun collector to the lighting fixtures)

 PARANS Lighting creates unique indoor environments wher the natural variation of outdoor sunlight is never limited. Sunlight is captured by the Solar Receivers on the outside of the building. Optical fibers transfer the sun light through the building structure and into the indoor environment. Inside, natural sunlight flows out of the simplicity designed Solar Luminaires... Here comes the sun! daylight-tech1 

To work, learn and live in natural light is something that is not only pleasant and beautiful, but the natural sunlight also plays a crucial role in keeping our minds alert and our bodies in balance. Just like the sunflower, the Solar Receiver follows the sun during all the sun hours of the day. Harvesting its precious light, the system brings natural sunlight far into buildings. It allows us to stay in touch with the outdoors and access the important sunlight, even when we need to stay inside.

daylight-tech2 daylight-tech3