Green de Corp Limited

Green Lighting Solutions Provider

Location: Uppsala University, Sweden


For high cognitive capacity, we human beings need the healthy sunlight. At Uppsala University students are treated well, with Parans light in their study areas.


Studies show that students learn better and workers have better cognitive performance when they are allowed to work in natural light. Yet not all workplaces have good access to the healthy sunlight. This study area at Uppsala University does have a window, but more light was needed.


A Parans receiver was mounted on the roof and the Parans Solar Cables were passed to the nearby study hall. The L3 spotlights are used without lenses in order to create a light area without boundaries. The spotlights are very discrete - almost no luminaire is visible in the ceiling. This installation also has sensors to control the electrical lighting.

When the sun is out the electrical lights are not needed, so they are dimmed or turned off completely.

parans caseAparans caseB