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Outdoor Plasma Lighting Case Study

Location: Scottsburg Indiana (US I-31 and IN-56)

Application: Street and Roadway

When the City of Scottsburg decided to upgrade its lighting from High Pressure Sodium, they found that Plasma Lighting solutions were too costly for their budget and would not provide the amount of light needed to light their streets. They became interested in an Plasma Lighting solution when they found out it would allow them to reduce the number of luminaires by 30% to 50% - while still maintaining existing light levels. Straylight Technologies, an Plasma lighting manufacturer, helped the City upgrade 600 street and roadway luminaires.

Solution: Tesla II Luminaire (using STA-41-01, 280W) to replace 460W High Pressure Sodium with 30% fewer fixtures.



  • Reduced the number of fixtures from 600 to 420 while maintaining brightness and safety levels?
  • 60% energy savings compared to existing HPS solution
  • Greatly reduced energy consumption and maintenance resulting in payback of 1.5 years
    • More than $200 annual savings on energy costs per fixture
    • Reduced lamp replacement from 4 to 11 year cycles
  • Improved the quality of light from 'yellow' to white light with 2.4X better night time visibility
  • Dark sky compliant with improved uniformity
  • Reduced the environmental footprint by 558 tons of CO2 emitted per year

Outdoor plasma lighting case study

Outdoor plasma lighting case study