Green de Corp Limited

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Location: Pumped-Storage Power Plant in Chungpyung, South Korea

Lit Area: 6565 ft2(610 m2)

Lit Distance: 492 ft (150 m)

Avg. Illuminance: 5 foot-candles (50 lux)

Product Installed: SUNPORTAL CS


Chungpyung Pumped Storage Power Plant is the first hydroelectric plant built in South Korea in1980, and owned and operated by the Korea Southern Power Co.Ltd (KOSPO), subsidiary of the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). It consists of two reversible turbines that can generate maximum 400MW of electricity, and a massive underground facility.

As part of the new management plan to improve the working conditions for their employees, the Chungpyung Power Plant client was specifically looking for a solution to replace the old, expensive and ineffective artificial lighting system running through out one of its underground tunnels, where the iron-site workers have to work during the day and the night.

The senior manager, Hee-Jung, and his team researched an umber of new lighting systems, and it was during this time that they discovered Sunportal and became extremely intrigued by the idea of bringing daylight into a deep pan space with no possibility of installing other conventional daylighting systems.

“It was exactly what we were looking for–a new energy efficient, environment friendly lighting system that not only saves energy but also helps create a brighter, more healthy and productive work place for our employees. So we decided to install an integrated SUNPORTAL Daylighting System with its optional LED Back-Up Lighting Kit to effectively illuminate the designated areas through out the 610m2 and 150m long underground tunnel during the day and even overcast conditions. ”explains Hee-Jung. “Since its installation, our electricity bills and carbon footprint have decreased whereas the work satisfaction and performance of our people improved.”

Chungpyung Power Plant expects to introduce SUNPORTAL technology in to other part of its underground facility in the near future. “The response to our new hybrid lighting system has been very positive, ”adds Hee-Jung. “As we are more than pleased with the results, we’ll be definitely be installing additional units of the SUNPORTAL daylighting systems"

 Case 1 - before
Case 1 - after